Two tips for those building a house on a rural plot

27 March 2019
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If you have purchased a rural plot and plan to build a house on it, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind. Rent or buy a chainsaw before you begin installing the pipework in the ground One piece of equipment which you should definitely rent or buy before carrying out the pipework installation is a chainsaw. The reason for this is as follows; on a rural plot, it is very likely that the soil into which you will be placing the pipes will feature tree roots, simply because rural areas tend to feature a lot of trees. Read More 

Commercial Marina Construction: Three Planning Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes

28 February 2019
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Constructing a marina for commercial purposes is an expensive undertaking. Therefore, if you are planning on investing in this type of marine property, you must ensure that there are no mistakes made during the initial building process. Poor design and construction will cause the premature deterioration of the marina. Consequently, you might need to invest more resources into repairs, renovation or reconstruction. On the other hand, if you plan adequately for your marine building work, you will minimise your long-term costs and maximise your profits. Read More 

Top Four Advantages of Trenchless Drilling Technology

31 January 2019
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Boring contractors handle a wide range of projects that require underground drilling operations. They can install underground pipes for installation of municipal, commercial and residential utilities such as electricity and water. They can also do the groundwork for oil and gas exploration and accessing groundwater.  With that said, boring contractors employ a range of drilling techniques to ensure they match the requirements of each job. Trenchless drilling is one of the fastest-growing drilling methods in the underground utility sector. Read More 

Subdivision Development: Crucial Tips for Choosing Property for Investment

12 January 2019
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Subdivision is a logical option to consider if you are thinking about changing your property investment strategies. In general, subdivision is a process which aims to create smaller lots from a large tract of land. This option is favourable because the divided lots are easier to sell, and they can be developed independently to earn more profit. Unfortunately, the process of splitting up a large piece of property is not as straightforward as one would think. Read More