3 Ways to Maximise Built-in Wardrobe Space in a Small Bedroom

4 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your bedroom is small, then you may not be sure whether to install built-in wardrobes or whether to just buy freestanding storage. However, even small bedrooms benefit from having wardrobes custom built. They may actually take up less footprint space and maximise the available space you have in the room.

It is important to design your wardrobes carefully in a smaller room, however. These tips should help.

1. Use All Available Space

If you have a big bedroom, then you have the luxury of space. You don't have to fill all the space with fitted wardrobes if you don't want to. Things are different in smaller rooms. Here, to make the most of built-in wardrobes, you need to use all the space you can.

So, for example, consider fitting wall-to-ceiling wardrobes with no gaps at the top. This gives you useful extra storage space. Fitting corner units that use up lost space on part of a second wall also gives you a bigger wardrobe than simply using your one free wall. Even if you have eaves in the room, you can install part of the wardrobe under them.

2. Choose Your Doors Wisely

Even though fitted wardrobes fit space perfectly, they may take up more of the room than you expected when their doors are open. As well as leaving space for the wardrobes themselves, you also need to leave space around them for the doors to open if you use regular doors that open outwards.

Some people go for an open-plan look to avoid these problems. They install wardrobe storage without doors. Some leave the wardrobes open; others curtain them off. Alternatively, you can also put in sliding doors. These doors won't need space outside the wardrobe when you open them. Bifold doors need some room but not as much as regular doors.

3. Factor in Skirting Boards

If you stick wardrobes in front of skirting boards, then the wardrobe takes up more space than it needs to. So work out what you will do with your skirting boards before your wardrobes are built.

Some installers will design the wardrobes to fit around these boards; others recommend that you remove them so that the wardrobes fit flush against the wall. In either case, this small space savings will make a difference.

To find out more about how to create built-in wardrobes that use all your available space without taking over the room or making it feel cramped, talk to your wardrobe contractor.