Areas in the Land Division Process Where a Land Surveyor's Input Is Critical

26 June 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Land division is a process that anyone who is in the construction sector long enough can undertake. However, that is not to say that the whole process is easy and straightforward. For instance, it is wrong to conclude that property developers always get around the process 100% of the time. Unless you are a land surveyor, understanding the land division processes can be complicated, overwhelming and confusing. It is the reason why most people get some of the most critical areas wrong and end up wasting time and significant resources to amend the mistakes. You can avoid challenges by hiring a licensed land surveyor to help you through the most complex aspects of land division.

Seeking Advice from the Local Council

Some rookie property developers might bypass the advice of the local council in a bid to fast-track the land subdivision process. The developers simply pick the necessary forms, fill them out, attach the required documentation and hope for approval in record time. Unfortunately, that is not how it works, and more often than not, such applications get high rejection rates. Land division laws are not cast in stone, and policies change from time to time. Even licensed land surveyors will tell you that they sometimes seek advice from the local council offices when need be. Most importantly, finding information on anything related to your planned land division and getting the necessary feedback is a critical step that a land surveyor will help you with.

Meeting Conditions for Land Division

If, after thorough vetting, you get an approval to subdivide your property, please let the champagne wait — do not pop it just yet. It is because land division approvals come with certain conditions which must be met before moving to the next stage. For instance, land division approvals require that you hire a land surveyor to map out your property and issue new onsite measurements, which are required when applying for an original title deed. Besides, you have to pay fees to state agencies to set up or demolish structures and amenities. A land surveyor will, therefore, ensure that you meet all the required conditions before proceeding to the next phase. 

Observing Deadlines

As a property developer, you have a lot on your plate, and if you add the land application process to the tasks you already have, chances are that you will miss critical deadlines. It is especially the case if your planned division is complex. For example, if you are required to fulfil a particular condition in the approval, then do so within a reasonable time. Failure to do so might lead to cancellation of your authorization. Since taking care of such problems is a land surveyor's forte, surveyors dedicate all their time to the task at hand, thereby ensuring that you never miss a deadline.