Green Commercial AC Technologies That HVAC Contractors Should Explore

28 May 2019
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For a commercial HVAC contractor, the priority is to offer clients commercial air conditioning solutions that are energy efficient or green. It is especially the case if you consider the fact that environmental regulations are getting more strict by the day. There is growing evidence that clients are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly commercial HVAC systems. As a commercial HVAC contractor, this is excellent news for your bottom-line and reputation. Therefore, it is vital to invest in research on green HVAC technology to stay ahead of the pack. This article highlights some of the new technologies and how your business stands to benefit.

Energy Analysis Software -- As you would know, no commercial facility is the same, and even in the same premise, no two rooms have similar heating and cooling needs. Therefore, rather than install an HVAC system and then use controls to regulate energy usage, you can opt to analyze the commercial space in question before any installations are made. It is a more practical approach and can only be achieved by using energy analysis software. The application allows you to tell how much heating or cooling a particular space requires before you do any installations. Consequently, you will be in a position to choose the right energy-efficient HVAC system for a specific area. Therefore, you save time with installation, and your clients save on energy and equipment costs.

Quiet Duct Wrap -- A significant problem that commercial facilities deal with are noisy HVAC systems. It is especially the case if you consider that modern commercial facilities have less internal walls. While some wraps can be used to dampen the noise, there is an added cost. Emerging expertise that is changing the way HVAC contractor reduce noise in HVAC ducts is the use of quiet duct wraps. First, these duct wraps act as thermal insulators, which ensure that heat does not escape from the air conditioning duct work. Second, since they are made from recycled denim fabric, the duct wraps act as perfect acoustic materials for noisy ducts. Most importantly, quiet duct wraps do not produce irritants, which makes them a safe alternative for HVAC contractors. Rather than traditional duct tape, opt for quiet duct wraps for a greener HVAC installation and operation.

Ice Battery -- In most commercial facilities, the air conditioning system runs throughout the peak hours, and then it switched off during off-peak hours. A new technology that is making effective use of off-peak hours is the ice battery. The new knowhow relies on ice to power the facility's air conditioning unit during peak hours. It works by freezing vast amounts of water in a tank when the air conditioning is not in use. The ice in the tanks is then used to cool the facility during peak hours, and this can save your clients hundreds of dollars in energy costs annually.