Crucial Tips for Properly Storing Your Lawn Mower for the Long Term

23 April 2019
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Although mowers are typically taken for granted until they start malfunctioning, you should note that this equipment is one of the workhorses you own when compared to most other household machinery and appliances. And if you do not care and maintain your lawn mower as needed, it will only be a matter of time before you start noticing your yard is not being trimmed properly or experience the mower stop working altogether! One critical measure when it comes to the maintenance of your lawn mower is storing it the right way. Below is a brief list of tips for properly storing your lawn mower for the long term.

Tip 1: Extract the battery prior to storage

Irrespective of what type of energy you use to power your lawn mower, be it fuel or electricity, it is still essential to extract the battery before you put your mower into long-term storage. When you take out the battery, you should wipe off all the grime that may have collected on it and subsequently place it in a cool and dry area. Once you are done with the battery, you should proceed to clean out your mower's battery terminals. This task can be accomplished with a brush with metal bristles that will eliminate any dirt that has crusted on the terminals. Lastly, store the battery-less mower in an environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Tip 2: Clean the undercarriage

One of the mower parts that tends to be ignored is the undercarriage. Nevertheless, if the undercarriage is in bad condition, it is highly likely that you will have to replace your lawn mower prematurely. Individuals that have a fuel-powered mower should start by removing the spark plugs so that you prevent the risk of injury in case the mower starts up by mistake. Alternatively, if you have an electric mower, ensure that you unplug its cord. If the mower is cordless, it is imperative to turn off the safety key. When you are sure that there is no threat of the lawn mower turning on, gently tip it on its side so that you have a clear view of the undercarriage. You can then use a brush to get rid of all the grass blades, soil and leaves that could have become lodged on this mower part.

Tip 3: Stabilise the fuel

The last tip for keeping your lawn mower in good condition when keeping it stored for a long time is ensuring that its power source is not compromised. If you have a fuel-powered mower, it is crucial to either completely drain it or leave it with a full tank. If you choose to keep the tank full, add a stabilizer to the fuel so moisture does not accumulate inside the tank.

Use these tips when storing your lawn mowers to ensure a long-lasting machine for all your mowing needs.