Two tips for those building a house on a rural plot

27 March 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have purchased a rural plot and plan to build a house on it, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

Rent or buy a chainsaw before you begin installing the pipework in the ground

One piece of equipment which you should definitely rent or buy before carrying out the pipework installation is a chainsaw. The reason for this is as follows; on a rural plot, it is very likely that the soil into which you will be placing the pipes will feature tree roots, simply because rural areas tend to feature a lot of trees. These roots may be present, even if the nearest tree to your plot is located several metres away, as roots can extend very far out from the trunk that they originated from.

If you do see roots in the soil, you will need to either cut back or fully remove them. There are a couple of reasons why they will need to cut or extracted from the soil. Firstly, their presence may make it harder for you to align the pipework correctly because they will be in the way. Secondly, after the pipes have been installed, any nearby roots may start to wrap around these pipes as they grow; this could result in these pipes being damaged.

Whilst you could do this with a tool like a saw or a pickaxe, using this type of manual object will slow down this process and make it far more physically strenuous (as tree roots can be very thick and hard to cut). A chainsaw should make quick work of this process and enable you to avoid depleting your energy and wasting your time with manually chopping off the roots.

Invest in a large portable storage container for your materials

If your plot is in a rural area that is many miles away from the nearest town or city, then you should purchase a large portable storage container for your building materials and keep this on your site. The reason for this is as follows; on a busy construction site, materials (particularly smaller items, like hardware and handheld tools) get mislaid a lot. If the site is located in an urban area and is, therefore, within driving distance of a hardware shop, this is not a major problem, as the lost items can be replaced very quickly and easily.

However, if you lose small, but essential items (like a bag of nails and screws, for instance) on your rural plot, the process of replacing them could cause a significant delay to your project, as you will have to travel all the way to a hardware shop to purchase replacements. As such, it is important to have a storage container on your site for all of your materials, as having a dedicated storage area for these items will reduce the risk of them being left lying around and subsequently going missing.