Top Four Advantages of Trenchless Drilling Technology

31 January 2019
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Boring contractors handle a wide range of projects that require underground drilling operations. They can install underground pipes for installation of municipal, commercial and residential utilities such as electricity and water. They can also do the groundwork for oil and gas exploration and accessing groundwater. 

With that said, boring contractors employ a range of drilling techniques to ensure they match the requirements of each job. Trenchless drilling is one of the fastest-growing drilling methods in the underground utility sector. This is because it offers many great advantages over traditional drilling techniques.

Here's a glimpse of those advantages.

1. Quicker Installation 

One of the biggest advantages of trenchless drilling technology is its great speed. 

During trenchless drilling, contractors rely on sophisticated analytics software to identify an obstruction-free trajectory for the installation of underground pipework. Only a little digging is required initially. Thereafter, the probe does the rest of the work. 

With less disturbance of the landscape, projects take less time to complete. 

2. Improved Workplace Safety

Like other contractors, boring contractors are generally responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace. Employing drilling techniques that minimise exposure to safety hazards in the workplace is one of the effective ways to create a safer work area for everyone.

As trenchless drilling technology eliminates the need to dig large trenches onsite, it eliminates potential safety threats such as falls into trenches, pools of water collecting in trenches and more.

This makes trenchless drilling by far safer than traditional drilling methods that create large trenches. 

3. Faster Site Restoration

Restoring sites where extensive excavation work has been done can take time and demand a lot of resources. This can significantly increase total project costs, especially if ecological restoration is required.

As trenchless drilling minimises the impact on land, it reduces the need for extensive site restoration exercises. This, in turn, can lead to significant costs savings on overall project costs.

4. Neater, Better Organised Sites

Because no major excavations are required, contractors can easily keep their worksites organised. This facilitates smooth flow of people, vehicles and heavy equipment, but also improves safety in the workplace.

Owing to the various advantages that trenchless drilling technology can bring, it continues to grow in popularity among boring contractors. If you have a project that involves underground drilling work, consider seeking out a contractor that offers this cutting-edge drilling technology. They'll be able to get the job done quickly while saving your money.