Two tips for building a house that will be easy to maintain

17 December 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you want the house that you will be building to be easy to maintain, you should follow the advice given below.

Fit a ducted vacuum cleaner system

One highly effective way to ensure that your new home is easy to look after is to have a ducted vacuum cleaner system installed.

This features a central vacuum, which can be fitted in a less visible area of the building (such as the basement, for example), along with a collection of connection points which can be located in several rooms of the house. These connection points are linked to the central vacuum via the ducts behind the walls.

When you need to vacuum the floor in a particular room, all you will need to do is attach a lightweight, portable hose to the nearest connection point and begin your work. All of the dirt and dust that the hose extracts from the floor will be delivered to the dust chamber in the central vacuum through the aforementioned ducts.

Having this type of system in your home will spare you the hassle of having to drag a cumbersome portable vacuum out of the storage cupboard and then pull it around your entire house every time you need to vacuum the floors.

Opting for a ducted vacuum cleaner will also free up storage space in your new home, as you won't have to stow a large portable vacuum in it.

If you decide to have this system installed, make sure you do so before your contractor has plastered the walls, as the person performing the installation will need access to the wall cavities in order to fit the ducts.

Avoid real wood went choosing flooring and worktop materials

If your main priority is ensuring that your new home requires very little effort to maintain, then it is best not to choose real wood when selecting the flooring and worktop materials for the building.

The reason for this is as follows; whilst wood is a very beautiful material, it can quickly deteriorate in a busy home environment.

For example, if you or your children often spill drinks, these fluids could eventually cause patches of your wooden worktops to stain or rot.

Additionally, the varnish on most wooden floors will degrade after a few years. When this happens, you will have to pay a tradesperson to refinish your floors. This can be a messy and expensive process.