Is Your Freezer Still up to the Job in Your Busy Restaurant?

30 September 2018
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If you have a busy restaurant and find that you are turning tables as quickly as your kitchen staff can keep up, then you undoubtedly have a good reputation. You know how to look after your customers, prepare and serve the food with flair and always make sure that your place is as clean as possible. In order to do this on a consistent basis, you will also have to ensure that your equipment is well maintained and can put up with the demand and it's easy to overlook some issues in such a busy environment. Are you sure that one of your most crucial appliances – your freezer – is still doing its job properly, or do you need to consider a major change?

Taking for Granted?

A walk-in freezer is essential in your business, and it must be maintained very carefully so that food is kept safe and you protect your operating costs. However, with time and usage, problems do materialise, and often this can lead to expensive losses. Furthermore, this is already an energy hog and could be using far more than it needs to if it is not in optimal condition.

Look at the Evaporator

Take the evaporator for example. Moisture will freeze on the coils, and as ice builds up, it may decrease the air circulation that helps to disperse heat. While a defrost cycle will be an inbuilt feature, they do require regular maintenance, and if not, they will become increasingly inefficient. A buildup of ice will reduce heat transfer, and this means that the compressor will need to be turning more often than it should be.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that melted ice can drain successfully and if not, it can freeze elsewhere and cause structural damage to the unit.

Turning to the Condenser

Next, think about the condenser, which is supposed to remove heat from your refrigeration system. Are you sure that this unit can "breathe" properly and may not be impacted by boxes or something else? You must also make sure that the condenser coils are cleaned and free of dust and debris; otherwise, airflow will cause overload and eventual failure.

Effects of Wear and Tear

Your freezer may get a lot of foot traffic during an average shift, and over time, this wear and tear can do a number on the shell of the unit itself. When was the last time you carefully inspected the insulation and panels, especially in vulnerable areas? If there are any cracks or leaks or you have a door that is not sealed as well as it should be, moisture can build up, temperatures can fluctuate and problems can arise.

Starting From Scratch

You may allocate time early in the morning to fully inspect your freezer when everything is quiet elsewhere. You may, unfortunately, reveal months or even years of relative neglect, due to being overwhelmed elsewhere. In this case, you may have no choice but to completely replace the freezer unit as, after all, there may be too much at stake.

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