3 Rich Materials That Will Create A Warm And Luxurious Look In Your New Kitchen

30 June 2018
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For several years now, neutral colour palettes and minimalist design have reigned supreme in kitchens. However, recent trends have seen a return to more colourful, rich and decadent materials being used in kitchens again. If you're planning a kitchen renovation project and you'd like to create a warm and luxurious look, then here are three stunning materials that you might like to consider.

1. Brushed metal

Metallics are a massive trend at the moment, and they're featuring in almost every room of the home. The kitchen is no exception. Brushed metal can be used for tapware, kitchen splashbacks, light fittings and even the main benchtop surface. It adds rich yet subtle colour to the room and is luminous without being too highly polished.

Copper was last year's most popular metal finish, but it's appearing less and less as other metals have started to trend. Brass, bronze and rose gold are all highly popular right now, as well as brushed silver or aluminium if you prefer a silvery grey over yellow and orange tones.

2. Marble

Marble is a material that has been used for centuries in homes around the world. It's strong, natural and adds classic beauty to a kitchen that is elegant and timeless. While marble has never truly disappeared from kitchen design, it's enjoying a renaissance as a prefered material in recent times.

Marble is enormously versatile for use in the kitchen. It makes a stylish and eye-catching surface for an island benchtop and can also be used to create a stunning and durable floor surface. As marble is also an expensive material, you can opt for a marble splashback if your budget doesn't extend to using it for larger surfaces.

3. Timber

Timber is another timeless material that has found a renewed place as a style favourite in kitchen design. Timber has a natural warmth and beauty that will make your kitchen feel cosy and welcoming while still looking stylish and contemporary.

Natural timber is also a very versatile material and it can be teamed up with virtually any style of kitchen, from ultra modern to a more traditional look. It also works well with neutral, monochromatic or more colourful palettes, depending on your tastes.

Timber flooring is an excellent option, as well as natural timber cabinetry. For something a little different, you can also get sealed timber sinks that make a refreshing change from traditional porcelain or stone models