Property Development: Understanding the Significance of Cadastral Surveying

5 April 2018
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You should plan for a cadastral survey if you are interested in developing your property. In general, cadastral surveying is also known as property boundary survey. This land assessment process is conducted by a qualified surveyor for specific legal purposes. Typically, the goal is to accurately determine the boundaries for indisputable land ownership. Also, the information obtained through a survey can help in establishing the acceptable and legal usage of the land. Here are the specific property development projects for which you should commission cadastral surveying.

Subdivision of Your Lot

If you are interested in subdividing your lot, a cadastral survey is essential. Land subdivision can be highly profitable if the project is handled correctly. In simple terms, when you divide the tract of land, you will have separate lots with independent titles. Therefore, you can develop the units individually, or you can sell the pieces for profit and retain some for personal use. However, not every piece of land can be subdivided. A cadastral survey will help you understand the size and shape of your property. As a result, you will be able to determine the feasibility of subdivision.

Construction at the Boundary

If you are planning on building on or near your boundary, you should first have an expert perform a cadastral survey. One of the common causes of land disputes among neighbours is simple oversights when handling development close to the boundary. For example, you might want to build an outdoor structure such as a deck or place a feature like an awning. If the element encroaches on your neighbour's land, you could be exposed to legal suits. You should also ensure that the boundary is surveyed if you would like to build or modify the fencing. You should have an expert mark out the boundary before taking action. Remember, assumptions can be costly in the long run.

Creation of Easements

If you want to create an easement on your property, you should have the boundaries surveyed by an expert. An easement is a special right which allows other individuals to use your property without ownership. Creation of an easement on your property can become a necessity in order to accommodate neighbours who would otherwise be inconvenienced. Once an easement is created, people can use your land for authorised purposes such as passing through your real property. It is important to ensure that a cadastral survey is performed before granting access to ensure the legality of the easement and restrict misuse of other parts of your property.

For more information, contact cadastral land surveyors.