Three Crucial Assessment Tips for the Selection of Rental Excavators

22 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are preparing for an earthmoving project, you will need to acquire an excavator for your project. Excavators are versatile and beneficial for construction, renovation and landscaping. These machines are ideal for handling digging and trenching, and you can acquire attachments for grading, levelling and boring. Unfortunately, purchasing an excavator, even a compact one, is not a practical step unless you can use it frequently. However, you can hire the equipment from a specialist dealer. If you are interested in renting an excavator, you should consider these simple tips during selection.

Check the Specifications

When choosing your rental excavator, you should check the unit specifications for the different available machines before selection. Under ideal circumstances, you should outline your requirements so that your equipment hire company can present the matching excavators. It is important to evaluate the total weight that the excavator can handle or the counterweight.

You should also check the capacity of the bucket to ensure that the machine will be capable of digging fast. You should visually assess the size of the equipment. This process should help you determine whether the excavator can move freely within the worksite. Additionally, you should check other crucial details like the type of controls, cabin comfort and compatibility with different attachments.

Inspect the Equipment Body

You should inspect the general body of your preferred excavator before confirming your selection and hire. In general, rental construction equipment will not be perfect and shiny. After all, the conditions in earthmoving worksites are often rough and tough on equipment. However, you should ensure that the state of the equipment will not affect your work. You should check the body for anomalies and significant damage.

In most cases, the equipment will be in good condition because rental companies have stringent maintenance schedules. If there are superficial scratches and light dents, you can overlook the damage because it will not compromise performance. However, large tears and depressions on the body could affect equipment integrity. If you are uncertain about the status of your preferred excavator, you should discuss your doubts with your rental company.

Examine the Hydraulic System

Finally, you should examine the hydraulic system of the excavator because it is critical for the performance of earthmoving processes. If this element fails, the central components designed to move the digging, trenching or grading attachments will not move. Therefore, you should make sure that the hydraulic pump is in excellent condition. Also, you should ensure that the connected hoses are free of tears and leakage.