3 reasons you need a specialist drilling and blasting contractor

5 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


In the mining and construction industries, sometimes you just have no other option but to blast your way through a problem. Whether you're excavating for a new set of apartment buildings, and carving out a new part of land to mine valuable resources from, if there's ground in the way then you're going to need a drilling and blasting contractor. Thankfully, in a country like Australia which is used to working and reshaping the landscape, there are are a myriad of companies and contractors able to get the job done. But how do you know when, or why, to hire a drilling contractor rather than a more generic contractor? Here's when hiring a grade control drilling contractor will be the right choice.

You work in a specialist industry

If you're working in mining, quarrying or any other industry involved in getting high value, delicate and often hazardous materials out of the ground then a grade control drilling contractor is the way forward. A highly qualified and field experienced drilling and blasting contractor will bring inside knowledge and previous experience to the job, as well as understanding the importance of reducing business risk and expenses. 

They offer an end-to-end service

A grade control drilling contractor will do more than just stick some explosive material in the ground. They will be able to co-ordinate the entire project and tap into their contact network to provide additional services. They will be able to produce high quality business reporting documents which can be shared with senior management teams to demonstrate the return on investment of your operations.

They also have access to all necessary equipment you will need to carry out your project, so you won't have to negotiate additional leasing contracts, equipment insurance or staff to operate the machinery. This makes a drilling and blasting contractor a more time effective and cost effective solution.

Market leading knowledge and technology

By hiring a grade control drilling contractor, you get access to the best market knowledge and expertise. They will be highly qualified and at the cutting edge of innovation. This means that whether you're drilling infill holes or carrying out exploratory operations, they'll be able to guide you in the most effective way to do so, without running the risk of damaging your assets. You can also rest assured that they will have all the necessary insurance required to work in industrial environments safely, and that should anything go wrong adequate financial cover will be available. 

Speak with contractors from companies like Rock On Ground if you have more questions.