Signs That Your Roof Should Be Inspected for Hail Damage

16 May 2017
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Many homeowners often lack the technical expertise to identify the magnitude of the hail damage to the roofs of their residential properties. It is also very risky for the homeowner to climb onto the roof in order to check for hail damage. How can you identify when it is time to call a roofer to check your roof for hail damage? Read on and discover some of the signs that can alert you to the need for a professional hail damage inspection.

Damaged Gutter Systems

Look closely as the downspouts, gutters and gutter screens on the roof of your home. Do you see any dents that weren't there before the storm? Dented gutter components usually indicate that there was hail damage on other parts of the house, such as the roof.

Damaged Windowsills and Siding

Another way to know when you should call a roof inspector is if you see signs of hail damage to the windowsills and the siding of your home. Dings, dents and cracks on the exterior surfaces of your home can be a good pointer to the likelihood of hail damage on the roof as well.

Check AC Units

Most homes have some outdoor items, such as air conditioning units, that are exposed to the elements. Those items provide another way to confirm whether or not you should ask a professional to inspect your roof for hail damage. Look for signs of damage, such as dents, to these components before you call a professional to check the roof.

Check Decks and Wood Surfaces

Do you have any wooden surfaces outdoors? Decks and other painted surfaces can also provide clues in case you suspect that your home sustained hail damage. The paint on those surfaces will show signs of recent damage. For example, sections of the paint will have cracked or peeled under the impact of the hailstones. This can be evidence of possible damage to the roof during the hailstorm.

As you can see from the discussion above, it is usually possible to determine whether hail damage occurred to the roof of your home without having to climb onto the roof. A combination of hail damage to the structures described above is usually enough to warrant calling a professional to inspect the roof. Many contractors will usually inspect the roof for free, so there is no reason for you to put off making that call. The findings of the inspector will then help you to decide your next course of action, such as repairing or replacing the roof.