4 Reasons Why Protective Concrete Sealant Is A Smart Choice For Your New Garage Floor

16 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Concrete is the most widely used product for garage floors. It's easy to see why, since concrete is strong, versatile and durable. However, to get the best out of your new concrete garage floor, having a high-quality, protective concrete sealant applied to the surface is something you should consider investing in. Here are four reasons why protective concrete sealant is a smart and financially sound investment for your home.

1. It prevents your concrete from becoming stained

Unsealed concrete is very porous, which means that car oil, water or other spillages will seep into the top layers. This will cause staining that may prove difficult or even impossible to remove. A high-quality sealant will create an impermeable barrier between your concrete floor and any offending materials.

2. It increases the lifespan of your concrete

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting product, but its effective lifespan can be shortened due to heavy wear and tear, exposure to moisture or exposure to corrosive chemicals. Sealing your concrete adds a layer of protection to the surface that will prevent these issues and keep your concrete looking good and functioning properly for longer.

3. It prevents exposure to concrete dust

Unsealed concrete can produce a fine dust which is unsightly and can cause respiratory problems. The amount of dust generated will increase over time as the surface of the concrete becomes worn and more particles are released. A concrete sealant will effectively encapsulate the dust particles and make your garage a dust-free environment.

4. It helps to make your garage a multi-functional space

A bare concrete floor may be suitable if you're purely using your garage for car storage. However, many homeowners use their garage for multiple purposes at different periods of time. Garages are often used as workshops, home offices, craft rooms or even extra living space. Sealing the concrete gives the space more flexibility for usage and will provide a more attractive and comfortable space to spend time in.

It's possible to buy your own concrete sealant and apply it to your garage floor on your own. However, for a professional and effective finish, it's best to hire an experienced concrete contractor to do it for you. They will know what surface preparation is required and the best application method, and they can advise you on optimal aftercare and cleaning instructions for the product. Contact your local concrete contractor to find out which sealant will be the best choice for your garage floor.