The Various Advantages of Drilling Your Private Borehole Using the Trenchless Drilling Method

27 March 2017
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Drilling a private borehole is a clever way to ensure you get reliable water supply without paying any monthly bills to a local water supply company. As a residential or commercial property owner looking into the option of drilling a private borehole, you may be happy to learn that today's boring contractors are constantly adopting new, better ways of drilling boreholes. Most of the conventional techniques used to install pipework can often have serious operating limitations, so one method an increasing number of boring contractors are turning to is trenchless drilling.

As the name suggests, trenchless drilling is a process of installing underground pipework without digging up any trenches in the ground. Continue reading on to find out what benefits this drilling technique offers when used to drill boreholes.

No messy worksite

Drilling methods that involve trenching can turn the worksite into a big mess, with heaps of earth piling all over the project location. With trenchless drilling, the worksite can be kept much neater, as the above surface is not disturbed. The working area is restricted to the entry and exit points only, thus there's very minimal disruption of the worksite. 

No trenching-related accidents

Trenching is often associated with many fatalities and injuries, which can occur due to various safety hazards, including accidental falls into the trenches, collapse of trenches, etc. The use of trenchless drilling completely eliminates these risk factors, as there are no trenches at the job site in the first place. 

Unaffected by obstacles

With trenchless drilling, installation of underground pipework can be done in straight lines, curves, or a combination of both, so as to avoid any obstacles in the way of the pipework. The piping follows a trajectory that is predetermined using highly specialised analytics equipment. The use of trenchless drilling is ideal in project locations where various obstacles may prevent pipework from running smoothly, causing delays.

Cost efficient

By eliminating the need for costly excavations and trenching, trenchless drilling reduces the cost of borehole drilling quite significantly. What is more, there is no need for any costly cleanups or site restorations, further reducing the total cost of the project. 

From the above-highlighted points, you can clearly see that trenchless drilling is a fast, safe, convenient and cost efficient way to drill your borehole. Additionally, this drilling technique leads to minimal disruption of the landscape, meaning it is also a good choice for the environment.