Timber Supplies: Why Timber Cladding Is Great For Your Residence

22 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Although the exterior of your residence is supposed to be weather resistant, it eventually does become an eyesore and would require refinishing or power washing to restore its original lustre. If you would prefer to keep your exterior walls protected from the elements for as long as you can, then you should consider cladding. Timber cladding comprises of individual boards of timber that are installed on your exterior walls using an array of techniques. Thus, not only will it improve the appearance of your residence but will maintain its structural integrity. Here are some of the reasons why timber cladding is great for your residence.

Timber cladding is highly versatile

Granted cladding comes in a wide assortment of materials. Nevertheless, not many are as versatile as timber is. The main reason for this is timber can be trimmed and cut to any size that you would like. Therefore, you can opt to have long boards as your cladding or short shingles that overlap one another. Another reason why timber cladding is versatile is that it can be incorporated to suit a host of architectural designs. This is because it is one of the easiest materials to work with, giving you the chance to be as creative as you want with decorative effects. Lastly, timber cladding can be left unfinished so that it naturally weathers due to exposure or you could choose to paint it to give it a pop of colour.

Timber cladding is highly eco-friendly

Another reason why you should consider timber cladding is to ensure that you reduce your carbon footprint. Timber cladding is eco-friendly as it is a renewable resource. In addition to this, a number of fossil fuels that are used to manufacture these timber supplies are significantly lower than those required for other types of building supplies. Lastly, timber cladding is recyclable. Therefore, either you could choose to use recycled lumber for your cladding needs or you could have your timber cladding recycled when you decide to have it removed. Overall, timber cladding would be an ideal choice if being eco-conscious is a primary concern for you.

Timber cladding provides you with acoustic insulation

A little-known fact about cladding is that it can actually provide sound insulation for your residence. Nevertheless, this will depend on the building supplies that you choose. Timber is capable of absorbing sound, which is unlike other cladding materials that would allow noise to filter right through them. Thus, if you would like peace and tranquillity in your residence, timber cladding would be a good option.