While the Wife's Away, the Renovators Play: How to Surprise Your Wife with a Quick Renovation While She's Away

20 March 2017
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A successful marriage requires that a couple learn to work together as they juggle jobs, bills, a home that needs maintaining and, in most cases, the needs of kids, pets and all the niceties that come with that package. Even if you both manage to run a tight ship, there are bound to be periods where your relationship begins to tear at the seam due to pressure overload.

As a loving husband that is sensitive to his wife's needs, you might be wondering what else you can do to take away some of the strain on your marriage.

It might take some organisational genius on your part, but a surprise renovation might just be the thing that reignites the flame of your marriage. Here are some things to consider when planning a surprise home renovation.

Work out What Her Favourite Room is If Funds are Tight

If you aren't able to afford a major renovation, you will have to settle for giving your wife exactly what she wants—the one thing she's been hinting at. This could be her favourite room or an area of your home, such as the windows or the yard. This is a very important step in the process, as if you get this wrong, you may even put a further strain on your marriage.

Be patient and observe your wife for a few days or weeks. If done cleverly, you can even subtly enquire as to what your wife needs without giving the game away.

With a little research, you can complete your first step. It could be the bathroom; after all, one survey found that women spend an average of one year, seven months, and fifteen days in the bathroom.

Cleverly Plan Your Renovation around her Vacation

If your wife isn't planning to spend any time away, either on a business trip or vacation, you could start by booking a surprise holiday away for a few days, as one man did when surprising his wife with a backyard makeover.

Not only will this impress your wife even more, but it may save your marriage from further strain, as research shows that 12% of couples teeter on the edge of divorce during home renovations.

Don't Make Drastic Changes Unless She Has Hinted at Wanting Them

It is common knowledge that men and women rarely see eye to eye when it comes to home renovations. Even moving furniture around can lead to arguments.

Therefore, unless your wife has already hinted at wanting a change, don't make any huge changes. Stick to what you know, or at least what you know she wants: for example, more shelving in the kitchen and a larger bath in the bathroom.

Arrange to be Somewhere Else when She Discovers the Changes

To add extra spice to the surprise, arrange to be somewhere else when your wife comes home to discover the newly renovated room or space in the house. Not only will this give her time to explore the changes, but it will also take away any element of pressure that might be present if you are watching her reaction. If you have chosen well, when you meet up later, you will likely be greeted with a grateful embrace.