Advantages of Mini Excavators

15 February 2017
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Although you might be tempted to use the largest excavator available to you to get a site job done rapidly, it is important not to overlook the advantages that a mini excavator can bring to construction projects. Mini excavators are widely used in Australia these days, and they are not necessarily just hired by farmers and DIY enthusiasts for small digging functions. Bobcat hire of mini and compact excavators is just as likely to be with a large construction firm as it is with individuals. This is largely because they are so versatile. This article will dig a little deeper into why this is the case.

Site Access Restrictions

Smaller plots of land soon become a headache to manage if there are lots of large machines and plants all competing for access at the same time. In urban environments, you might not be able to get a full-scale excavator on to the site at all if you need to negotiate narrow streets. On the other hand, a model like a Bobcat 418 compact excavator can be wheeled in just about anywhere without disrupting traffic.


Mini excavators, like the Bobcat E20, are designed to get around in a small area. With tracks that mean they can spin around on the spot, mini excavators like these are able to dig out channels on farmland and on construction sites without the need for a big turning circle. If you cannot get your disposal truck into the space needed to take earth away, then a compact excavator can do the job ferrying earth from where it is not wanted to where it is. This is why they are often chosen to dig out swimming pools in back gardens by pool contractors. They get the job done in close proximity to the house and neighbours' fences without causing damage due to their high manoeuvrability.

Low Weight to Power Ratio

Being light when you are digging is no disadvantage unless you lack power. Modern mini excavators may be light—some are as little as just over 2,500 pounds in weight. When you are digging into the soil, not sinking into the ground is one of the most important things to consider. Lighter excavators are best at avoiding this problem especially on wet or sloping earth because their weight does not drag them down. Not only does this mean more efficient working in many cases, but damage underground is minimised. If you are digging near to the roots of trees or close to underground pipes, a lighter, more compact excavator is likely to be the wisest choice.

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