4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Removing Outdoor Asbestos

6 December 2016
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Some homeowners may choose to remove the asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that are outside their homes, such as roofing and fencing materials, without the help of asbestos abatement professionals. This article discusses some helpful tips that such homeowners can implement in order to have a successful removal.

Be Patient

It is very important for you to exercise patience as you remove asbestos-containing materials from the exterior surfaces of your home. That patience will enable you to remove each material, such as a roofing sheet, without damaging it. Homeowners who become impatient can expose their families to asbestos fibres when they rip out and damage the ACM as they try to force it to separate from its anchor points, such as the nuts or bolts holding that material in place.

Handle the Materials Correctly

The materials that you remove may need to be piled at the asbestos removal site before they are disposed off in a designated area. Avoid dragging the asbestos-containing materials against each other. For instance, don't drag one sheet against another sheet that is lying on the ground. Instead, lift each sheet and place it gently on top of the ones that are already on the ground. This precaution will prevent the sheets from scratching one another and releasing harmful fibres into the atmosphere.

Use PVA Glue

What do you do when it is unavoidable to break a material that contains asbestos? Have polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue when you start the asbestos-removal project. Spray the glue onto the materials that you are going to break so that no fibres can escape from the material. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of another person to keep spraying the material with water using a garden hose. That hosing-down will prevent asbestos dust from forming. The disadvantage of using water is that you will have an added task of planning how to capture all that contaminated water for safe disposal at the end of the project. Thus, the glue is a less laborious option.

Rent a Rattle Gun

Bolts and screw that hold asbestos sheets in place may be rusty and difficult to extract from the sheets. You can ease your work by having the forethought to rent a rattle gun from a company that hires out power tools. Use the flat blade attachment for screwdrivers to rattle the bolt until it loosens. Ask someone to hold the nut at the other end of the sheet while you use the rattle gun.

Remember that different jurisdictions may have their own regulations that govern how asbestos removal should be done. You should therefore check the laws of your area so that you find ways to comply with all of them, assuming homeowners are allowed to remove asbestos on their own. If you'd rather have professional assistance with your project, contact an asbestos removal company in your area.