How to Add Style to Your Home With Stainless Steel

21 July 2016
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The term "stainless steel" may not seem very synonymous with home style, but this material can add brightness and a modern feeling in a variety of ways, and help soften the look of wood and natural stone. Steel reflects light so it's good for small and dark rooms, and it's also very durable, so it's a perfect choice in areas where surfaces or accessories may take a beating. Note a few tips for how to add style to your home with stainless steel.

In the kitchen

Stainless steel countertops give you a germ-resistant area for food prep and make a small kitchen seem bright. A stainless steel hood over the range can make your kitchen seem more professional and add a nice contrast to dark colors in the space. For a small touch, you might simply opt for stainless steel door handles and drawer pulls in the kitchen. They stand out against wood materials and resist chipping, cracking, and other such damage.

In the office

A stainless steel desk can be a great, modern choice in a home office. You can also add a nice contrast to a traditional wood desk by using a stainless steel magnet board on a wall behind you to hold papers and receipts. Opt for stainless steel wastepaper bins, pencil cups, and other small pieces in the office as well.

In the bathroom

A stainless steel floor can make for a great choice in the bathroom as it naturally resists mold and mildew. A shower surround made of stainless steel makes cleaning the bathroom a breeze, as you're not likely to see mold growing on this surface. You might also add a modern touch by choosing a stainless steel sink for the bathroom, to contrast the tile or stone you have on the walls and floors. This is especially good if you have a dark, heavy wood vanity.

In other areas of the home

One great way to use stainless steel for adding style and light in a space is to use it for your staircase, rail, and balustrades. If your stairwell is located in a back corner of the home or foyer, chances are it may seem a little dark and dim. Using wood for all these pieces may also seem a bit heavy and overwhelming. Steel stairs, railing, and balustrades, can lighten up that space and make your staircase seem modern and new in a more traditional home.