Commercial Marina Construction: Three Planning Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes

28 February 2019
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Constructing a marina for commercial purposes is an expensive undertaking. Therefore, if you are planning on investing in this type of marine property, you must ensure that there are no mistakes made during the initial building process. Poor design and construction will cause the premature deterioration of the marina. Consequently, you might need to invest more resources into repairs, renovation or reconstruction. On the other hand, if you plan adequately for your marine building work, you will minimise your long-term costs and maximise your profits. Here are some essential tips on avoiding common mistakes during your marina project.   

Acquire Compatible Materials

Building your marine structures using unsuitable materials can lead to the accelerated damage of your property. Therefore, when preparing for construction, it is essential for you to think about the compatibility of different materials within the oceanic surroundings. In general, there are some problems that you should address during the selection process of construction materials. These crucial issues include corrosion of metals, rotting due to moisture and potential damage by aquatic creatures. If a material cannot withstand these causes of deterioration, you should look for a more compatible alternative. For the best results, consult your marine contractor for professional guidance before committing to specific materials or products.

Protect the Environment

You should address the potential impact of your marina on the environment before construction. This action might seem detrimental, but it will prevent complications in the future. Simply speaking, the environmental protection laws have become more stringent in the recent years. If you build a marina that compromises the natural ecosystem, you might face legal penalties. Moreover, the public might be disgruntled even if you do not break any obvious environmental laws. You can avoid problems relating to ecosystem damage by conducting impact assessment before beginning the project. If there are potential problems which could arise, consider resolving them before commencing construction. For example, you can modify your dock designs to avoid harming marine creatures.

Think about Marine Shifts

The marine environment experiences a lot of changes. It is important to account for these shifts when constructing a marina for commercial usage. If your structures cannot adapt to the natural rhythms of the environment, you will be exposed to significant financial losses. For instance, it is important to account for the movement of the tide. The rise and fall of the water levels in oceanic surroundings can be quite prominent. Therefore, ensure that your designed marine structures, particularly your docking system, will not be compromised by the constant shifts. 

Talk with marine contractors like those at The Jetty Specialist about these topics to create a long-lasting and environmentally friendly marina.