Tips to Affordable Kitchen Refurbishments

16 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When most people consider kitchen renovations, they assume that they will cost an arm a leg. Although extensive renovations can be quite expensive, you do not have to break the bank to refurbish the appearance of your kitchen. By knowing what aspects to focus on and the tips and tricks you can employ, you can restore the beauty of your kitchen and subsequently boost the overall value and appearance of your home. So what are some of the tips for affordable kitchen refurbishments?

Tip 1: Change countertops

One of the most used spaces in your kitchen is the countertop. Whether it is food prep, choosing meat or even simply plating your dishes, you need to use your counter space. As such, over time, your countertops will acquire different stains and damages, which could transform them into an eyesore. Luckily, you do not have to replace your benchtops to boost their appeal. Instead, you should consider re-laminating their surface.

Re-lamination is a cost efficient way of changing the appearance of the countertops while also restoring their functionality as the process eliminates chips, cracks and other forms of cosmetic damages. Moreover, re-lamination offers you the flexibility to select from a vast array of colours, textures and styles. You should bear in mind that laminate materials are not heat resistant, so you should protect your benchtops from scorching if you would like to prolong their lifespan.

Tip 2: Change hardware

Another simple way to boost the appearance of your kitchen would be to switch out your hardware for new fittings. Your kitchen hardware is one of the main accessories of this space. The door handles, cabinet knobs, hinges and more are all functional, but they also dictate the overall aesthetic of the room. Thus, if your kitchen hardware has started to look outdated and damaged, your kitchen will start to look unattractive.

The good news is that kitchen hardware is one of the more economical additions that you can invest for your kitchen. Not only does kitchen hardware come in a wide assortment of materials, but you will also find they come in different styles for example modern hardware characterised by chrome and other luxe metals.

When selecting hardware for your cabinetry and drawers, ensure that you have established the overall theme for your kitchen. Having a theme ensures that all the pieces you choose will tie into the overall interior décor of the space, rather than opting to mix and match different types, as this would make your kitchen look disorganised.