Level Two: Should You Install A Mezzanine Floor To Your Rural Shed?

16 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you own and operate a farm or other rural business, you'll be more than aware of how important adequate storage space can be. As such, large rural sheds are a ubiquitous sight in rural areas across Australia, but even these formidable storage structures don't have unlimited storage space.

However, building a new shed, barn or storage building isn't always necessary if you find yourself in need of more storage space. By constructing a mezzanine floor in one or more of your existing sheds, you can create considerable amounts of extra storage space quickly and easily.

What are mezzanine floors?

Building a mezzanine floor in your rural shed essentially involves adding a second 'storey' to your shed by creating a raised platform several metres above ground level, accessible by stairs, ladders and/or ramps depending on your design stipulations. These mezzanine floors are not integrated into the superstructure of your shed, but are nonetheless extremely structurally sound, and are capable of storing enormous amounts of equipment, farming resources and other heavy loads.

What are the advantages of constructing a mezzanine floor?

  • Extra storage without extra space: Mezzanine floors are particularly useful if you desire more storage space on a compact property with limited spare room, since they create additional storage space without taking up additional ground space. This makes them especially useful as an designated emergency storage space for items such as surplus fuel and hay bales.
  • Inexpensive: Mezzanine floors are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, especially when compared to the costs of erecting a new shed. You will also save money by not having to light, heat and maintain a new building.
  • Increased working safety: Constructing a mezzanine floor also gives you a much more stable footing if you intend to work at heights, for instance by retrieving equipment from a high shelf. They are particularly useful if installed in a dedicated storage warehouse, allowing easier access to multi-storey shelving and storage without having to rely on forklift trucks.
  • Usable in single storey buildings: Small mezzanine floor arrangements can even be used in single storey buildings, and are very useful in compact storage spaces where headroom is not a priority. Installing one of these small floors creates a considerable amount of extra surface space that can be accessed very easily.
  • No modifications required: While larger mezzanine floor models may require some structural support from the shed they are built in, they do not require any structural modifications to be made to the existing building. This allows them to be constructed in buildings of any age.